About Charity Realty

Professional - Dependable - Charitable

Charity Realty is a family-run real estate business, headed by Chris and Rachel Fortune. With a combined 40 years’ experience of real estate in the Lake Norman and Concord area, Charity Realty gives you - the client - unprecedented levels of expertise and focus. 

Finding the perfect home can take time. Chris and Rachel exercise a patient approach to your home search, with no pushy sales techniques, working with you to ensure complete satisfaction.

Chris and Rachel’s individual skill sets combine to create a holistic service for buying or selling a home. Rachel is a patient communicator and a dedicated researcher, with the listening skills to get to the heart of what you want, and the know-how to deliver answers to the most complex questions. Always available, Rachel’s commitment to Charity Realty’s clients means that correspondence is answered in a timely manner, and all leads are followed up. Chris represents Charity Realty’s clients with strong negotiation skills, and as a licensed General Contractor has invaluable knowledge in the technical aspects of the home buying/selling process.

Selling or buying a home with Charity Realty gives you access to their dedicated and professional expertise, but also a chance to give back to those less fortunate. Charity Realty donates a portion of their commission to the charity of your choice.

Charity Realty does not have a sales culture with a focus on the bottom line, Chris and Rachel are members of this community who understand the need for goodwill in business. Over the years, donations have been made to numerous charities. It is their way of giving back, making the transaction a unique win-win-win situation.

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